Acoustic design Closed
Cable length N/A
Frequency response 20-40,000 Hz
Drivers N/A
Driver type Dynamic
Sensitivity 99 dB at 1 KHz
Impedance 32 ohms
Battery life N/A
Price US$ 67.99

If you are looking for the best in-Ear wired headphones, then your search ends here. They have stylish and excellent build, have the best sound quality and unmatched value with these features. In simple words, if you need to purchase the best 2020 wired earbuds, at that point these are the best ones and reasonable as well. As indicated by a survey by Tech Radar, subsequent to attempting both the 1MORE Triple Driver in-ear earphones and the 1MORE Quad Driver in-ear earphones for half a month we were stunned at exactly how much worth both gave in their prospective value ranges. For about $60-80, it’s difficult to think about a superior sounding and assembled earphone than the 1MORE Triple Driver. All in all, if you need little additional refinement and extravagance materials, the 1MORE Triple Drivers are as yet a deal at double the cost.

There’s almost nothing we can blame the Triple Drivers for. Their elastic cable is little irritating and its remote control feels modest yet these are simply criticizing and ignorable things. Balanced treble and bass, not too much shrill or grave sound, just perfect for listening songs and other stuff.