Acoustic design Closed
Cable length 9 ft. approx.
Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz
Drivers YES
Driver type 40mm
Impedance 38 ohms
Battery life N/A
Price US$ 38.99


This model of OneOdio monitor headphones has an enjoyable super adjusted sound and outstanding wearing comfort. It is composed of huge 50mm speaker unit drivers joined with neodymium magnets. This feature gives you stereo Hi-Fi level sound, groundbreaking bass, clear vocal, and fresh high tones. Design and build are stylish, having a shiny metallic surface of cups. It has top-class cushioned ear pads which are clearly planned for monitor headphones which provide the most extreme comfort and noise distortion. The headband joining the ear cups is flexible and stretchable which helps you to adjust and fit according to your head in the most comfortable way.

It has a 9.8-foot DJ-Style line which helps you to connect you with the device at a long distance which helps you to connect with TV or sound system from a long distance to your preferred seat. Along with with it a standard-sized 6.3mm attachment plug and a 3.5mm connection plug are provided. Both the plugs could be removed, with the goal that you don’t have to go through every minute of the day connected to your beater. They also provide a 25ft adapter cable-free.

It has Ear cups which are movable at 90 degrees. It enables you to perform single-ear hearing. The movable and adjustable headband helps you to adjust according to your head and it results in exhaustion free listening experience. It is ideal for mastering and mixing. It can be connected with various types of devices like iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod, and numerous other sound gadgets. It has top-class sound quality, incomparable solidness, and most extreme luxury.